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Are you looking for 3M wrap film? Dr. Sticker can help you with that! Because Dr. Sticker has an experience of several years its products are of superior quality. In the web shop of Dr. Sticker can you find different kinds of standard 3M wrap film. Some examples are:

  • 3M wrap film: Brushed steel blue
  • 3M wrap film: Carbon fibre white
  • 3M wrap film: Satin bitter yellow

3M wrap film features

3M wrap film is a long term, dual cast film designed for vehicle detailing, full wraps and decoration. This wrap Film of 3m is a product of high quality, it is very elastic and minimizes the initial contact area of the adhesive layer and allows the applicator to reposition the film during application due to non-visible air release channels. Through these air release channels can the film easily and bubble-free be installed. 


Wrap film can be used for cars, but also for the interior, like for example a kitchen. But it can also be used on boats or airplanes. The possibilities of wrap film are endless. Our experts would like to provide you with some advice.


Do you have any further questions? You can always contact one of the employees of Dr. Sticker. On workdays Dr. Sticker can be reached by telephone from 09:00 until 17:30 at the following telephone number: +49 211 38789298. You can also send an email to and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.